Thursday, September 11, 2014

J and K's Excellent Adventure: Ireland to England, Day 3

Sunday morning, we went over to Trinity College to see the Book of Kells. It was AMAZING. Also, after the Book of Kells section, you go upstairs to an incredible Library. Books from the floor to the ceiling, for a whole huge room. It was awesome.

After that we hailed a taxi, and went to Church. The taxi driver didn't know where it was, so we got lost. We were only a couple of minutes late to Church though, so that was nice. Church was really good, and everyone was super nice. Also, we have a friend who served his mission in Ireland/Scotland, and we met the Elder he trained. Small world. When Church was done, we caught a bus back to the City Centre, and got ready to head to the airport. It was sad to leave Dublin. I really love that city.

For our flight from Dublin to Leeds, we were flying the airline Ryanair. It's a European airline, and the tickets are really cheap. However, they will get you with fees in any way that they can. So Kate and I had stressed before we left that we needed to keep our carry-on super small. They charge you lots for checking a bag, and your carry-on has to be certain dimensions and can only weigh 10kg (22lbs). We probably re-packed about 7 times trying to get everything to fit the airlines specifications. But we did it! we thought.

When we got to the airport, we went to the bathroom to put on more clothes, to help our suitcases weigh less. I had on two pairs of pants. ....not my finest moments. Maybe one of my funniest though. :) Then we went up to the counter, and they didn't even look at our bags. And as we were waiting at the gate, nobody said anything about the size of our bags. However, I kept looking around and noticing how small all of the other suitcases were, and thinking we were going to get charged 50 euros for them having to check our bags at the gate. Their website says something along these lines: "We'll be pleased to charge you for any over-sized luggage at the gate."

Anyway, the time came to board the plane, and still nobody had said a word to us, even though our bags were clearly larger than the rest of the suitcases. As they checked our boarding passes, we were told we needed to gate check our bags. However, they didn't charge us! It was lovely. In fact, we felt such a sense of anxiety depart us that we were almost euphoric. We were kind of ridiculous. We wrote silly letters to Ryanair, expressing our gratitude/feelings.

Dear Ryanair, Thank you for not charging me extra for my clearly over-sized bag. ~Janae, wearing 2 pants

Dear Ryanair, The anxiety you brought into my life caused me to throw away my Digestives. Not Cool. ~Janae   (Digestives are a type of cookie, which are incredible. However, they weigh a lot, so I threw like half of the package away, because I thought it would make my bag too heavy. They never even weighed our bags.)

Dear Ryanair, I love that I did not have to pay 50 euro for my over-sized bag. However, I do not love wearing athletic shoes with my skinny jeans. Fashion faux pas. Best regards, Kate

Dear Ryanair, Thanks to your strict guidelines I am now wearing denim on denim. This presents a slight problem as I am single, and will remain so as long as I am wearing this attire. ~Kate, 29 and desperate (but not really).

Dear Ryanair, Thank you for bringing us to a level of euphoria that has brought us to tears. #dyingoflaughter  ~K8 & J'Nae       ....Seriously, we were laughing so hard. We're pretty sure everyone else on the plane thought we were crazy.

Anyway, it was a fun flight. And the first thing I said to my sister Cheryl at the Leeds airport was, "I'm wearing two pairs of pants." Not even joking.

Day 3 photos:
Day 3 selfie.

Library at Trinity College.

Leaving Dublin. :(

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