Friday, January 30, 2015

J and K's Excellent Adventure: Day 6

What a wonderful Wednesday! We woke up, ate some breakfast ( I assume), and then drove to a magical place---Puck's Glen. Puck's Glen is a beautiful hiking area. When Kate first researched this area, she sent me an e-mail about a "fairyland" in which we should go on a hike. Totally worth it! I often dream about living in a more hike friendly area, because I quite enjoy morning hikes. Anyway....turns out that we hiked the trail loop backwards, but that's alright. It was a longer hike than usual, because we stopped frequently to take pictures. It was such a gorgeous area, you HAD to take pictures as often as possible. It would have been a tragedy had we not.

After leaving Puck's Glen, we had to take a ferry in order to get on the route which would take us to Glasgow. Whilst on the ferry, we decided it would be a good idea to go to the top deck and have a dance party. *Our original plan for Europe was that we would dance at random times, or in front of iconic places. There was a lot of roadside dancing, which was awesome. After we returned home, we were going to compile all of the videos of us dancing and make a silly "Dancing Through Europe" montage. Unfortunately, the majority of the clips were lost, and so there is no evidence of said dance parties. ....which is too bad for all of you, because you're missing out on some epic moments. Such as me slipping and almost falling on some rocks in a pond area during the hike in Puck's Glen.*
Back to the ferry----we went to the top to get some great footage of us dancing. There were some men up there smoking. To avoid them thinking we were complete fools, we explained our "project" to them. They thought it was great, and asked if one of them could join in. So John (a random guy from Florida) and I rocked out, while his friend ( I cannot remember his name) played music for us on his phone. Eventually Cheryl joined in on the dance party as well, while Kate filmed it all. As this was going on, the wife of the man playing the music came up to the top deck. She probably looked confused, but he immediately stated, "They're dancing through Europe." in a tone that indicated that he thought it was a normal thing for people to do. Cracked us up. However, we feel badly that we never were able to put a video on YouTube, because they told us they would definitely look for it. They seemed excited to see how our "project" turned out. I mean they were going to be in it....why wouldn't they want to see it? :)

Well that afternoon we arrived in Glasgow. We didn't have a ton of time, so we just went to the main shopping centre, and wandered around. Cheryl introduced Kate and I to what basically became our favorite European store (some of our friends had told us about it prior to our trip)----PRIMARK! The two of us seriously ended up going to Primark almost every day the rest of the time we were in the United Kingdom. Purchases weren't made every time, but it was definitely visited most days. But I digress. Glasgow is a super cool city. I wish we had ended up with more time to explore. Since we were in a hurry, we just looked around, grabbed something from a "bakery" to eat, and headed on our way.

Our next destination was Sanquhar, where Kate's ancestors once lived. The drive there was gorgeous. We went to a cemetery at a beautiful old Church, where we're pretty sure her family was buried. Like in Thurso, we never quite found the headstone we were searching for, but we're still pretty sure it was the right place. Actually we did find a headstone with the correct name from Kate's ancestry, there was just a bit of discrepancy with the year. *Kate, if I am remembering this incorrectly, feel free to clarify. Sadly, I don't remember all of the details as well as I would if I had just typed this all up earlier.* I don't know why this made me laugh, but it did----the groundskeeper who was there had his dog with him, and it was a Scottish Terrier. A "Scottie" dog in Scotland. I'm sure that isn't an uncommon thing, but for whatever reason it just made me smile.

Sanquhar was our last stop before driving back to Cheryl's home in England. Something that is so beautiful about the countryside in Scotland is the heather everywhere. It is really lovely. ....the thoughts about heather was random, but I felt like sharing those thoughts.

I love Scotland. It is amazing. If ever you are given the opportunity to visit Scotland, do not pass it up.

You can't really see us, but that's alright. We stopped to take pictures on Loch Lomond on our way to Puck's Glen. 

The start of our hike. 

Just posing. 

We're cool. 

Puck's Glen is just so beautiful. 

A view from the ferry. 


Part of the shopping centre in Glasgow. 

Church and cemetery in Sanquhar. 

Ruins from an old church in Sanquhar that Kate's family could have attended.

A cute sign that Cheryl's kids made for us. 

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