Wednesday, September 23, 2015

J and K's Excellent Adventure: Day 7

Wow. I have not been good about updating the blog. Sorry to leave you all hanging for so long with details about the grand European adventure, which was over a year ago. My, how time flies! Thankfully I wrote down bullet points of the highlights for each day throughout our trip.

So on day 7 (Thursday), Cheryl took us up to Harrogate to explore a little bit. It's a lovely town. We went to Betty's, which is a bakery. You can find some amazing treats there. I think my favorite goody that I had from there were the chocolate macaroons. So delicious! I had never had a macaroon prior to going to Europe. Now I am in love with that type of cookie. They are scrumptious!

After going to Betty's, we walked around town for awhile...mostly through a shopping area. There were some cool shops. Unfortunately, I don't remember much now. The only thing that I truly remember from walking along the alleys with the shops, is that there was one shoe shop that had some of the most amazing heels I had ever seen (at least through a window). We didn't go inside, and I didn't buy those shoes, I just remember thinking they were awesome. I honestly don't even fully remember what they looked liked. They were gray, I do recall that. Hahaha.

Once we were done exploring Harrogate, we got Cheryl's older children from school. We maybe went to the grocery store on base as well.....? I suppose that doesn't really matter. Once we picked up the kids, we went to Brimham Rocks. Just a beautiful "park" full of incredible rock formations. It was gorgeous. We had a lot of fun walking around, and climbing on rocks. Also, apparently some of the Princess Bride was filmed there, so that's cool as well.

That night we ordered some good ol' English fish & chips for dinner. They were delightful. It was a good day.

Ready to go explore

At Brimham Rocks

More rocks

You guessed it....Rocks!


  1. You forgot to mention the part about how a bird pooped on my head... lol...

  2. Hahaha, oh yeah....that definitely happened as well. I don't know why I didn't write that down in my bullet points of happenings from that day. :)